You may keep their barbarian vicissitudes from the capitol, even halt depredation of the frontier. As the world is divided into evening and dawn, so we gave the wandering star two names, and it became divided.

Jam description below.

[Build your own prompts. Weigh your conflicting loyalties.]

It's a statless character generation, based on aspects from Cultist Simulator. Their interaction is eloquent - but narrative roguelikes are like brick walls to me. On the other hand, The Ice-Bound Concordance deserves more clones. (Maybe not in the span of one week.)
Engine in d3.js / HTML5 / ObservableHQ. There's a secret level, if you want to see about half of these prompts (as of release) worked out.
Late edit: Secret level less obtuse.

Additional libraries: @jashkenas/inputs, @sequitur/improv, @davidbau/seedrandom. CSS/HTML derived from @dhg/Skeleton &


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